Art of Adjustment & Yoga Alignment Courses in India

Art of Adjustment & Yoga Alignment Courses in Rishikesh, India. This unique hands-on course is designed for new and experienced teachers to increase mastery of yoga adjustments and alignments.

Art of Adjustment & Yoga Alignment Courses in Rishikesh

Ever gone in to adjust a student and left them a bit more confused? This unique hands-on course is designed for new and experienced teachers to increase mastery of yoga adjustments and alignments. The Yoga Sutras describe the perfect asana as being both comfortable and stable. In addition to asana practice, learning the art of adjusting postures brings us closer to reaching Patanjali’s description of what the asana is meant to be. Knowledge of asana adjustments is beneficial for improving your personal practice and is a fundamental part of being an exceptional yoga teacher.

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Skilled adjustments take place on various different levels, including the physical, energetic, and mental levels. Our Tattvaa Art of Adjustment Workshop addresses all these levels by covering a variety of techniques, including physical adjustments, verbal cues, as well as other methods. We focus on developing an awareness and intelligence that addresses individual bodies in a wide variety of asanas that will improve your teaching and deepen your own practice. Participants will learn a toolbox of adjustments for Ashtanga Primary Series asanas and more. As a hand-on course, you will gain experience and confidence in making adjustments with rare feedback from other class participants.

Safe and smart adjustments begin with having experience in the pose itself to experience and better understand the intention and quality of the posture. During our workshops we spend time learning the mechanics and energetics of each asana as well as practicing the asanas to learn what the postures feel like from the inside out.

Knowledge of the body structure is also important to the art of adjusting. As well as practicing observation of the body to cultivate body awareness, our workshops cover the anatomy and physiology of the body. This helps us further our understanding of the body within each posture, specifically where it is restricted, where there is potential for injury, and where it can continue further. Common alignment issues will also be addressed. While many yoga studios are moving away from hands-on adjustments due to liability concerns, Tattvaa Yoga Shala believes that adjustments are integral to deepen a students practice and teaching. This intensive course covers the safest and most effective ways to adjust students in order for them to achieve the full benefits of the postures.

Course Fee: $ :- 220

Courses are for six consecutive days (there might be 1 day off in between so please plan to stay here for at least 7 days), 90 minutes a day workshop.

Outline of Material Covered

Why we perform asana adjustments.
What makes a good adjustment.
Bandhas (yogi internal energy locks)
Learning the dynamics of each asana.
How to adjust your own body in the posture.
How to adjust the bodies of others.
Learning to read the body to effectively determine which adjustment is appropriate for which body.
Learning to see the adjustment in the body prior to performing the adjustment.
Learning to use a variety of tools to maximise your adjustment ability.
Learning to use your own body weight and correct body mechanics to ensure safe and effective adjustment practice for yourself and the student.
Why we perform asana adjustments.
Learning to find the correct and useful balance of body weight between you and the students.
Safety notes and points of potential injury.
Learning the anatomy and physiology of the body, with emphasis on the musculoskeletal system.

Tattvaa Art of Adjustment Workshops are for six consecutive days, 90 minutes a day workshop, available to join at any day of the week. Workshops are taught by Sr. Trainer Yogi Kamal Singh; known for his supported yet powerful adjustments.

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