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Golden Words From Tattvaa Yogashala

Golden Words From Tattvaa Yogashala Founder & Yoga Teachers

We have collected some feedback just for you! Hear the experiences and advice firsthand from the best yoga teachers at Tattvaa Yogashala, both past, and present volunteers, and Kamal Ji himself. What you must know is once you have been welcomed into the Tattvaa home, you will always be a part of the ever-growing worldwide family. The doors are always open; all you have to do is ask to come inside.

If you’ve ever completed a TTC or just spent time at the drop-in classes, you would definitely have felt the infectious energy Kamal Singh transcends to all his students.

Here are a few of those people’s perspectives after volunteering, assisting, or participating in a Yoga teacher training program at Tattvaa Yogashala.

Yogi Kamal Singh – Founder of Tattvaa Yogashala, Rishikesh – “Enjoy every Breath you take and every movement you make. Be here now and prepared; Rest will come to you.”

Sunil Sharma, Rishikesh – “Sit quietly and breathe. All is well when you stop doing and allow yourself to experience.”

Poleg Baum, Israel – “If you can, stay in Rishikesh. Explore and evolve your practice”.

Neha Rawat, Rishikesh – “Get confident first. Keep practicing every day before you begin to teach.”

Alena Charow, London – “Always do your practice. And to always have compassion. Remember, we are always all students. To practice the yamas and niyamas. Practice, practice all is coming.”

Priya Negi, Rishikesh – “Practice, practice, practice. Don’t stop the flow. Again come back to Rishikesh whenever you can. See ya!”

Nicole Lamb, Australia – “Take your time. Don’t rush your practice or your teachings. All will come naturally and organically. Trust the process and follow your intuition”.

Nacho Kaleta, Spain – “They have to be honest within themselves to be able to teach. Teach what you know is right and safe but teach anyway. You’ve learned a tool that may help others’ lives. It is your must to share it even if it is only Surya Namaskar”.

Oliver Klein, Germany – “Those who really want to teach, I would tell them that they first have to understand why we are doing each posture and only then does it make sense to teach.

If they understand the posture, only then they can show and teach it, and then find your own style of teaching. Also interesting would be to practice with some authorized teacher by PJ.”

Deepak Nautiyal, Rishikesh – “Teach from your heart. Whatever you are doing, be present and confident.”

Gau Monko, Astana, Kazakhstan – “Practice your teaching right after the completion of your course. When all the knowledge is fresh in your head, your hands remember the adjustments, and you still feel the supporting energy of your teacher along with their guiding voice in your mind. Make mistakes, and it will allow you to learn from them and grow.”

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