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Tattvaa Yogashala Offers Residential Healing Retreats Course in India with Yoganga Healing, Rishikesh

Yogic Method of Self Healing

Yoganga Healing is a process of introspection in order to recognize and differentiate oneself from the environment and others. Yoganga is a Sanskrit word which means limbs of yoga. By the continuous practice of Yogangas we cultivate relaxation, self awareness, acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude and surrender and a profound healing takes place in the organism.

Yoganga Healing a holistic healing method developed to transform one’s present emotional and mental states to function at higher levels of consciousness to ultimately control one’s destiny. The benefits of Yoganga healing are to help live in abundance of physical and mental health, to harbor healthy functioning relationships, and to provide tools for spiritual growth in life.

Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh

List of common lifestyle disorders

The baggage of stresses and hassles of life causes pain in neck and shoulders and other problems such as Lack of decision making ability
Low self esteem
Irritable bowel syndrome
Lower back pain
Breathing disorders
General fatigue
Headache and migraine
Menstruation disorders
Fear & Phobia.

Conflict resolution. Flowering of freedom

Everyday conflicts arises in very simple manners. For example: what shall I have for lunch? What shall I wear today? Even when these simple decisions are delayed it generates multiple conflicting view points, such as, I m getting fat, I m not exercising regularly, etc. This perpetuates into a massive amount of mental activity whereby we become internally busy, externally frozen and incapable of taking right action. In conflict resolution sessions Sunil typically empowers the clients to become aware of this huge mental activity and release the stress that arises from this mental activity. Clients learn to develop problem solving skills by engaging not only cognitively but also intuitively. Sessions may last from 60 to 90 minutes depending on nature of conflict.

Healing karmic patterns. Exploring the laws of nature

Why has this happened to me again? We often acts as victims of life situations rather taking responsibility for our actions we performed in past. When we hold family, friends, colleagues, and society responsible for the miseries in our own life, then we are left with more bitterness in the heart. Once this vicious cycle of the blame game starts, it is hard to find peace and harmony in relationships. There is a wide range of meditative practices available in Buddhist meditative traditions to educate about the law of karma. In Healing Karmic patters session Yoga Nidra is employed to generate insight and to emerge from this blame game cycle, resulting in self -acceptance and forgiveness. Sunil helps his clients to develop insight towards ones own actions and into how one is responsible for the following consequences. At the end of the session participants are left calm and deeply relaxed with clarity in the head and heart.

Healing the wounds Living in harmony

Every moment life throws challenges at us and in the process we either win, lose, or get wounded. Physical wounds heal over the time but most emotional wounds are pushed deep into unconscious and forgotten. They remain in us forever because we don`t release them completely. It is mandatory to release emotional blockages to live a healthy and happy life. Classical yogic texts like Patanjali`s Yoga Sutras and Bhagvad Gita offer us various methods to remove emotional blockages. Simple breathing practices are used to sharpen self awareness and blocked energy can be released from meridians that facilitate physical, mental and emotional well being. Wounds caused by fears, phobias, anger and guilt can be effectively dealt with in Healing the wounds sessions.

Mind body balancing. Art of becoming friends to self

There is an emerging field of science called psychoneuroimmunology that has demonstrated the connection between the mind and the body. Diseases are caused due to lack of communication with body and mind. Whenever you are in a situation where there is stress and you are unable to calm down, your unconscious mind will adopt a strategy to protect you. If this strategy is negative, it will cause psychosomatic disorders in longer run. Mind body balancing meditation sessions are designed to replace undesirable strategies to constructive ones. Mind body balancing sessions will help you learn how to communicate with your mind and body at a very deep level. You will recognize how mind and feelings are expressed through your body. Issues such as anxiety, insomnia, unexplained pain, acute and chronic diseases and addictive behaviors or anything in the body which is out of natural balance can be healed.

Freedom from pain. Rediscover the joy within

One of the basic assumptions of yoga Psychology is that life is full of pain and suffering. But it is not a pessimistic approach to life. Actually, it opens a new pathway of thinking that we also have inherent power to overcome the pain and suffering. In these 90 minutes of freedom from pain healing sessions we learn how we hurt and why we suffer. We take a body exploration journey to teach you to re-inhabit your body. Once we understand how people in pain can get stuck in the pain trap, deepening exercises are taught to help you move out of the trap toward freedom.

Self Hypnosis for health and healing

Charak Samhita (an Ayurvedic text on Indian medicine system) considers that all disorders arise from the faulty functioning of the intellect. Hypnotherapy is a proven way of sowing the seeds of change at the deepest levels of consciousness and bringing back the intellect to fully functional state in the right direction. The range of application of hypnotherapy is wide. Sunil is trained in clinical hypnotherapy, which empowers clients in dealing with fears, phobias, pain relief, insomnia, anxiety, eating disorders, stress relief, emotional freedom, recovery from past painful memories, anger, grief and resentment.

About Sunil Sharma

Yogi Sunil Kumar Sharma (M.A.Psychology, DYED, International Diploma in Guidance & Counseling, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist) also member of Indian Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis.

Sunil is the Founder of Yoganga Healing. He is known for his unique approach to teaching yoga philosophy and adapting yoga practices and their healing benefits to every day life. Having witnessed the numerous healing and therapeutic benefits of yoga and personal transformations within his students, Sunil decided to share the therapeutic effects of yoga on a broader scale. He has used his experience and expertise to develop a holistic healing method, Yoganga Healing, from the vast Vedic and Yogic traditions that awaken and bring both mind and body excellence.

Sunil`s exposure, experience and wide knowledge in both Eastern and Western practices have provided him with deep and profound understanding of different cultures and healing methods. Having a background in modern psychology enables him to customize ancient eastern healing modalities to the modern client.

Yogic philosophy asserts that life is constantly throwing us challenges and that the only way out is to accept the challenges without complaining about the miseries of life. Through Yoganga Healing, Sunil aims to offer the maximum therapeutic effects of yoga, by conducting lectures and individual and group healing sessions to equip modern people with the tools to live more peaceful and healthier lifestyles. Sunil`s healing sessions help clients to harness the dormant potential in them by employing a variety of healing modalities, such as body awareness, breath work, mind and sound resonance, deep relaxation, and mindfulness meditation. This ultimately leads to the optimal balance and union of body, mind and spirit which is yoga.

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