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Are You Choosing The Right Type Of Yoga?

Are You Choosing The Right Type Of Yoga?

Gone are the days when practicing yoga was all about finding a yoga center and practicing a few postures as per instruction. Today, potential learners are much more serious about picking up the right style for themselves. Several styles are practiced today, and there is effectually no one-size-fits-all trick working here.

If you are around 20 years of age, then styles suitable for those in their 50s might not really be suitable for you. Additionally, the styles also vary in accordance with your purpose of joining the classes themselves. For instance, if you want to lose weight fast, then something like Hatha yoga isn’t really the perfect choice for you since it involves slow-paced moves designed primarily for beginners.

The Types Of Yoga That You Should Make Yourself Aware Of

A prudent way to find out which style suits you would be to learn more about each of the types of yoga and then arrive at a decision. Hatha yoga is designed for beginners. It is practiced by those who are not yet comfortable with fast-paced moves. Poses are unhurried and simple. Each and every pose is well defined, which means you start a pose, finish it and then start another pose.

Instructors often take the help of props like bolsters and blocks to help you get your alignment right. While you are practicing this particular style, your instructor will also encourage you to pay attention to other aspects besides your body— breathing, meditation, and relaxation. Meditation notably may also involve chanting. As per a few studies, this particular style also enables practitioners to get rid of stress.

Power Yoga Or Hot Yoga

These particular schools are meant to help people who are looking forward to losing weight and body detoxification. The poses are much faster than what you would do if you were practicing Hatha yoga– the results, as such, become evident much faster as well.

They are known to combine the regular benefits with that killer cardio sessions. Both these styles are designed for practitioners who are ready to continue each pose after the other without rest.

Power yoga consists of very little or no spiritual aspect. You just have to be prepared for a raised heartbeat.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga classes integrate a sequence of traditional Hatha asanas to balance the lunar and solar energies of the practitioner. It is great for both beginners and advanced-level practitioners. It will promote good health and peace to the body and mind. Hatha yoga teacher training in India is a more temperate way to strengthen and open the body in preparation for the higher limbs of the yoga system. This yoga style will also deepen the understanding of different postures while moving at a slow pace.

Kundalini Yoga

It is a wholly different yoga style. If you’re a well-trained practitioner but have never attended Kundalini yoga class, you will feel lost and confused. Kundalini is a spiritual yoga style centered around mantra chanting, breathing practices, and meditation.

This class is perfect for those who are seeking spirituality through practices. It is highly recommended to attend Kundalini yoga class as a beginner, as it is less challenging and gives enough strength for other yoga practices.


If you are willing to fine-tune your breathing techniques, then make sure you are actually getting the Pranayama style right.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a very traditionally structured, physically demanding yoga practice that will challenge your strength and flexibility. The primary objective of an Ashtanga yoga class is the purification of the body and mind. Ashtanga Yoga system is tough, so we recommend that beginners should first try slow pace yoga style like Hatha yoga before they choose Ashtanga.

Choose The Right Yoga Style & The Right School

It is extremely important for you to pick the right yoga style and school for yourself after surveying the background of the same. It is so important to ensure that you are actually taking the time out to carry out this kind of research since it will only help you zero in on the names that offer the style that you are looking forward to practicing. Do consider seeking recommendations from expert instructors who are already practicing this ancient art for quite some time now.

If you are looking to join a course like Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. Then Tattvaa Yogashala is a one-stop destination for you. We are offering various modules like Yoga TTC, Multi-style yoga, and Pranayama TTC in Rishikesh so that enthusiasts should attain the certification and complete knowledge of yogic philosophy.

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