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Yoga And Meditation Ashram Rishikesh

Namaste, Welcome to the oldest yoga teacher training school in Rishikesh. Tattvaa Yogashala is a place where you can learn spiritual and authentic yoga following a personalised curriculum for each level whether beginner, intermediate or advanced. Our experienced teacher help you throughout the learning journey with the philosophy and knowledge gained from the experienced great guru.


The oldest yoga school in Rishikesh

Tattvaa Yogashala is a place where every human being can come and get into a deep quest for enlightenment and follow what our gurus and spiritual leaders have passed on. With more than 22 years of sharing the holistic and wellness-oriented practice of mindfulness. Following the holistic approach we offer a program for students who want to experience the yogic lifestyle. Our program is designed as per the lineage shared by the rishis and munis of India from ancient times. We follow the philosophy that was ingrained in ancient times and passed onto the following generation by the gurus and scriptures.

The practice of yoga at Tattvaa Yogashala is based on the principles of gurus like Krishnamacharya and Pattabhi Jois. xTo offer the best knowledge to help practitioners align their mind, body and soul with the right practised shared by the gurus. We have experienced and certified teachers. Each teacher has more than 2 decades of experience and uncountable hours of practice and devotion towards yoga. At Tattvaa Yogashala, we believe learning never stops, and so do our teachers. With each day bringing new hopes, we plan to share the right practices and information through the course to help every practitioner in their life whether it is professionally or spiritually for mental peace.


What do we follow at Tattva Yogashala

At Tattva Yogashala we follow a holistic approach to provide the best knowledge to students in adopting yoga as their lifestyle practice. Our programs are designed to develop the yogic lifestyle of an individual in terms of foods and activities following the rules of nature. With a small batch of students and like-minded personalities, the facility offers a great atmosphere for each individual to gain knowledge and practice the purest form of spiritual and yoga practices.

The ashram is situated at a peaceful location on the banks of the holy river Ganga in Rishikesh. We aim to provide an environment to practitioners where each one of you can get the real essence of the yogic lifestyle that our ancestral gurus and yogi followed.

Accredited by the Yoga Alliance USA, we are among the oldest yoga schools in Rishikesh. With the knowledge and experience of our expert teacher, we follow the knowledge transferred from generation to generation through our thoroughly thought and researched curriculum. We believe yoga can remove boundaries, bring peace and encourage the feeling of oneness. Following this we welcome practitioners from all regions, races, cultures and classes.

We believe in teaching what our ancestors have learned and applying that to the lifestyle of individuals to help them attain the path of spirituality.


Tattvaa Yogashala is the oldest yoga school in Rishikesh accredited by the Yoga Alliance, USA. Founded with the aim to spread real knowledge about yoga and share what our gurus have inherited and passed to the coming generations.

Our Vision is to make yoga accessible to every enthusiast who wants to incorporate the yogic lifestyle with the modern-day work culture. Yoga is not just asanas or postures that can help the body become flexible or strong. Yoga is a way of life where mind, body and soul connect and work as one and lead the path of spirituality.


Following our vision we aim to deliver authentic knowledge to every enthusiast or practitioner irrespective of their level of expertise and any other boundaries. With the curriculum designed, we wish to share the purest and sacred knowledge that has been forwarded by the yogis.

Yoga is a way of life not just asanas that help your body and mind be active. Our ancestors, and guru have followed it and we at Tattvaa Yogashala aim to help every individual with the right and traditional knowledge about yoga and spirituality.


Why choose Tattvaa Yogashala for Yoga TTC

Traditional Learning Methodology

Tattvaa Yogashala is not just any yoga school, it is among the top valued and accredited institutions that believe in delivering the authentic essence of what our ancestors have taught us. We at Tattvaa believe that yoga is not just a practice to improve the mind and body, but it is a way of living. We wish to incorporate the positive changes and the connection between mind and body that yogis experience through our expert-driven course. With more than 22 years of spreading real knowledge and educating more than 10,000 students across the globe take the responsibility to preserve the real essence of yoga and help every individual in their journey of spirituality and yogic lifestyle.

Expert Curated Curriculum

Learning is an endless journey, with each new teacher or guru practitioners will get new information, techniques and habits to adopt. The process can take years to get upto a level where you have gained all the necessary information and knowledge about philosophy, psychology, spirituality and lifestyle. To make things easy and accessible for every individual, we at Tattvaa have consulted and requested some of the best yogis to help us curate the curriculum that can help individuals start their journey towards their goals in a limited timeframe. We proudly share that our curriculum has helped 10K students in pursuing their goal whether it is finding peace in their daily hustle or following yoga as their career. The curriculum is designed to help with theoretical as well as practical knowledge about every subject.

Experienced Yoga Teachers/ Practitioners

To deliver the promise of authentic and traditional methods. Tattvaa Yogashala has partnered with the best yoga teachers to help you in your journey. The teachers have expertise in their field and have more than a decade of experience in helping other individuals through their specialised teaching pedagogy. We aim to deliver the best to the students in terms of knowledge and the medium of knowledge. With the teachers associated with us, we can ensure that the best knowledge will be offered whether it is theoretical or practical.

Limited Batch Size

For us at Tattvaa learning is the top priority. To deliver as per our goal we have worked on the curriculum, partnering with expert teachers and creating a small batch of students. The lesser the number, the better attention is offered. With the pedagogy and limited students in batches, every individual gets a chance to learn at their pace and ask their doubts without hesitating. We try to create an environment with like-minded people where each one of you can share your thoughts and bond together in this fruitful journey of learning. It has been observed that bigger batch sizes result in underdelivering the promise and unsatisfactory results from the students.

LOCATION - Tattvaa Yogashala

Rishikesh is the yoga capital of the world. The world was introduced to yoga by the yogi from Rishikesh and what better place could be to learn about yoga? Whether you want to learn yoga for mindfulness or want to pursue as a yoga teacher. Rishikesh offers the core of a yogic lifestyle that helps you with a deeper understanding and developing habits of a yogi. A yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh is ideal for every individual who wants to pursue a career in yoga and learn about it.

Rishikesh is believed to be the birthplace of yoga. Many yogis and gurus have visited this town centuries ago to practise yoga and attain enlightenment. The spiritual energy and presence of the holiest river Ganga and the foothills of the Himalayas make it ideal for yogis to practise their learning. While many yoga gurus have chosen Rishikesh, their shared knowledge is still practised in Rishikesh by the gurus and yogis today.

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